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Design a beauty business that reflects your unique talents, attracts your ideal clients and helps you create the life of your dreams.
WHO IS trailblazer pro for?
{this is for you whether you are new in your beauty business or a seasoned professional}
  •  Makeup Artists
  •  Hair Stylists 
  •  Educators
  •  Coaches 
  •  Influencers in Beauty
Makeup Artists
Hair Stylists
Influencers in Beauty

What if every day you could wake up,
roll out of bed, and, when you’re ready to work, take your...

hot cup of coffee...
green smoothie...
hot fudge sundae...
over to an organized workspace with all of your favorite things.
Everything you need is organized and easy to find.

And it’s only steps away.  

You’ve left break rooms and sterile office buildings behind. 
 You take breaks at your favorite...
overlooking your favorite city scene,
or on your back deck with a good book.

You’re working every day where you want and when you want
in a business that you designed yourself.

On your own terms. 
You can have that...
and it can be sooner than you think.
We DO NOT want that for you.
Let's say NO to wasted investments, rabbit trails, or teary nights wondering what on Earth made you decide to start a business.
This is WHAT you can have. We have it ourselves {more on us later}, and have helped many women just like you...accomplish the same.
here's what you get with trailblazer pro
Sales is the lifeline of any business and arguably one of the most important skills you can master. 

With hundreds of hours successfully coaching other beauty professionals, the techniques on how to build your business are all included within Beauty Sales Mastery.
Learn and develop your own events to attract your ideal clients.  The power of live events is indisputable and the most effective (and quick!) way to multiply your income.

I reveal my exact step-by-step process for launching your own successful events so that you can scale your time and grow your business. 
When you invest in Trailblazer Pro you will discover how simple it is to create the life and career you've always dreamed of.

You'll get access to the exact method that has helped other Trailblazers get from part-time to having a list of dream clients and business opportunities they never imagined!
The Phone Call Formula
(your fastest path to cash)
Learn the step-by-step sales system that Sonia has learned from the world's best sales experts 
The Live Event Map
(set yourself apart from the competition)

Discover how to design your own event so that potential clients go from “curious” to actual "buyers" 

The Metrics Tracker 
(so you can build your business purposefully) 

Discover Sonia's exact system for setting business & financial goals and the plan to get you there
All without...
  •  Paying $10-$40k for another degree
  •  Waiting 3–5 years to get started while you figure things out
  •  Going through the trial & error of trying to learn random information online
Need to hear no more? Ready to go? Click below to...
I've grown my own business to multiple 6 figures and I've had the privilege of helping others launch and grow thriving beauty businesses. 
I’ve been where you are... I started small and grew FAST. The competition out there is fierce, and to succeed, you need to find a way to stand out from everyone else. It's not always easy... but it’s definitely worth the challenge. So let's DO THIS!

Many business coaching programs out there focus on one segment of your business that really doesn't set up the foundationa for long term success.
Trailblazer Pro is the perfect hybrid program which include 4 PROGRAMS:  Beauty Sales Mastery, Beauty Event Mastery, Mindset Mastery AND Business Plan Mastery... everything you need.
You'll get my extensive business and sales strategy experience learned from the best experts in the world. 
You'll receive easy-to-follow lessons for your business.  The goal with all my trainings is to empower you so that you can take IMMEDIATE action and gain success.  
Trailblazer PRO is a great way to tap into the same high-level coaching I offer my 1:1 clients.  The best part is you will also get to participate in the Trailblazer Pro community for ongoing support! 
What do you think a Mentorship Program like
1:1  Business  Coaching  With Sonia Starts at...$30k + and up
But With The TRAILBLAZER PRO Program,  You Get All the Best Business Strategies.  Here's what the program includes: 
  • Lifetime Access to Programs:  Beauty Event Mastery, Beauty Sales Mastery, Mindset Mastery AND Business Plan Mastery
  •  Live Group Calls 
  •   Private Facebook Group
  • Audio recordings, Worksheets, Inspirational Music, Complementary Tools to help  keep you on track 
  •  1 on 1 Laser Coaching Call with Sonia
(value of the program alone:  $16,000+)

I still want to make it SUPER approachable
and a wise investment for any Beauty Professional

You'll Be Very Pleased With How Comprehensive the Program Truly Is
And The Actual Investment
(which is a fraction of the total value)
Is the online content lifetime access?
Yes, it is.  While the program may evolve over time, the good news is that any updates will be included in your program as long as it's under the TRAILBLAZER PRO Program. 
How many hours a week of work will this be? I'm busy... 
On average, count on 1-3 hours per week.  Yes, this is work, yes this is for YOUR business.   Yes, you're worth it...  TrailBlazer Pro is a full program that is proven has gotten significant results for countless beauty professionals.
Can I get access to all modules at once? 
I have personally found (through not only working with my clients but also my own trial and error) that when you go through a module and implement, that takes time.  So I want to make sure you're following the process.  Doing the program in this way will ensure the highest probability of your success. 
Do I have a guarantee? 
Yes, your guarantee is that your life and business will change if you commit to taking action, complete 100% of the following: group calls, DO THE WORK and put into practice what I've coached you through. 

If you have found absolutely zero documented results, then I simply don't deserve your money.  I will gladly refund your money upon receipt of all the completed course work and action steps. 

So Dream Big. You don’t have to settle. 

Let's get you there!

Consider this as my personal invitation for YOU to discover that you CAN do this... you can have the life and career of your dreams!

I've helped countless Beauty Pros just like you!
Are You Ready?
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